Evi Huni

I am Evi Huni

I had been in the IT Industry since 1990, with 10 years on the technical side (systems developer). In 2001 I moved into sales, which opened doors to many entrepreneurial opportunities and shifted my mindset to working independently.

I always wanted a career I would work from anywhere and still achieve my goals and Real Estate provided that platform for me. My first experience with Real Estate was not a pleasant one in 2006 and I left after a year to go back into the corporate world. I had another 5 good years in the corporate world but the Real Estate bug had bitten me, despite the bad experience which I did not let shape my destiny. I always have a positive outlook on life and things, hence in 2011 I decided to go back into Real Estate and this time, I told myself I will only work with the best, hence my choice of Pam Golding Properties. I was with Pam Golding Properties for 1 year but within that 1 year I learnt so much and was amazed at their professionalism and their dedication to training, the oneness as well as the belief in excellence.

Leaving this time was not out of unhappiness but I had personal business goals I wanted to pursue. Cutting a long story short I did what I did and here I am this year, reunited with the Pam Golding family. I have no doubt that I have made the best move of my career and I am loving every minute of it.

As a person, I am a versatile, self-motivated, resourceful and analytical individual.

I have a great deal of patience and understanding of Clients needs and making sure that they receive only the best service I can offer.
My passion is making sure that the client is always at the centre of my focus and that drives me to deliver nothing but the best service to our clients.

I am efficient in following up on escalations, dealing with clients queries, from development, sales and people perspective, as well as looking into new and improved ways of providing excellent service to our clients. My excellent customer knowledge, use of IT skills as well as people skills and understanding the dynamics of business and how it reacts and relates to the ever-changing environment of technology has been and will always be beneficial to many of my clients.


"Everisto Huni is a dedicated sales and marketing manager with strong business acumen.”

Sipho Yedwa (LinkedIn)