Selwyn Sharon

Selwyn Sharon

Hello, I am Selwyn and I joined Pam Golding in August 2006 as a commercial Agent for the CBD/Atlantic Seaboard. I currently specialise in investment properties, sales and leasing commercial/industrial properties throughout the whole Peninsula.

I lead a busy life, with interaction and referrals from Pam Golding residential agents. I have finalised sales in Somerset West, Tygervalley, Wynberg, Cape Town CBD as well as substantial leases all over the Peninsula during the last year.

I received Pam Golding “National Broker of the Year” in 2007 for the commercial division, and I have achieved Gold Club Status for Pam Golding in the current year. The commercial division was sold to JHI in 2009 and I re-joined Pam Golding as their sole commercial agent in August 2014.

My early training was as a pharmacist, but I became a Hospital Manager (Sea Point Clinic) at 25 years of age. I continued the hospital management career for about 30 years. I was involved with setting up new hospital projects like Chris Barnard Memorial and N1 City hospitals. I held the position as general manager at both hospitals and learnt the issues surrounding specialist buildings with maintenance, tenant issues, staff and general business acumen. I managed City Park Hospital with 100 medical doctors as tenants, 1000 car parking garage and 3 buildings. Thus I can understand the landlord issues as well as the tenant’s needs.

I do many market estimations for investors and assist many clients with their business plans. Many of my Landlords include me in discussions with regards to potential developments. They value my input and knowledge of the industry.

I often work “under the radar” where landlords or owners require discretion and privacy. Then no data is displayed on websites or media and any deal is concluded privately via my large database of investors.

I bought and sold farms for my previous CEO as well as assisting him with his local acquisitions and property management. I sold a large property in Durbanville and in Sea Point for the director. I have attended various other recognised courses and the Pam Goldings training academy. I successfully completed my NQF4 in 2013.

My personal interests include hiking (with approximately 700 hikes in last 10 years) and the outdoors; spending quality time with my friends and family and enjoying the marvellous Peninsula and its natural beauty, and the wonderful restaurants. 

Live Remarkable.