Jade Pote

Jade Pote

Hello, I’m Jade Wicks and I have joined Pam Golding Properties in the beautiful country village of Bedford. I specialize in property sales for all walks of life, from new home buyers looking to start a life in the country, all the way to those who are thinking of settling down to a quieter place of living for their retirement.

I am absolutely a people’s person, and thoroughly enjoy the surprisingly active social life that comes with living in a small town and farming community. Lifestyle is most certainly my passion, and through my years studying psychology, I became aware of how important a living environment can be giving us a space and platform to grow our lives into whatever we could imagine.

Having grown up in a farming community myself, I really understand the value and quality of life country living can bring. With more goats and cattle passing our gate than cars during the day, it really is a pace of life that once you settle into, you will battle to ever see yourself out of.

I absolutely love my garden, and in my free time, I have spent many hours with the delightful garden enthusiasts of Bedford, who, having MUCH more experience than I have and shown me the ropes- pointed out what works, and have slipped me more roses than I can count! I also enjoy a range of sporting activities, the streets in Bedford make for a wonderful walk route, and I can often be caught heading out to play a game of tennis or squash, or if it is a little cold, heading to the Deli for a cappuccino.

Live Remarkable.

If you think about it, it’s a dream, if you envision it, it’s possible, but if you schedule it, it’s real

Tony Robbins