Jerome Kasselman

Jerome Kasselman

I am Jerome, your resident rental agent on the prestigious Atlantic Beach Estate.

Having had prior experience in retail, I started my real estate, working in both the property sales and rentals divisions. I have a background in electronic engineering and the property development field and hold both NTD and IDM qualifications.

I am passionate about customer service and have a keen eye for architectural design. I believe that this combination is invaluable when helping my clients find the perfect home best suited to their needs.

I have travelled and worked in foreign countries, discovering different lifestyles and environments. I have learnt that home truly is where the heart is, where families can bond.

I am a family man and proud father of three sons and one daughter, as well as a grandfather of two. My wife and I enjoy weekends spent with the whole family, having fun and sharing stories. In life, I believe that it is important to find a balance of body, mind and soul in order to enjoy a peaceful lifestyle.

Live Remarkable.