Liesl Henning

I am Liesl Henning

I am Alberton Rentals
I am the relaxing end to a busy day.
I am the naturally landscaped estates.
I am the Sunday morning church bells.
I am the punters at the racecourse.
I am the holiday homes of Rentals Alberton.

I am Alberton Rentals agent, Liesl Henning

A friendly hello to all! I am Liesl Henning. I have worked in property sales previously and have returned now to the rental division of this great company who always strives for that extra professional edge. I am currently specializing in the Alberton area. I have worked in several other fields over the years and enjoyed the diversity and challenges each industry brings.

I am a dedicated mother of two fantastic sons, aged 10 and 13. They are my whole life, and it’s for them that I strive. We spend much of our spare time traipsing all over the countryside from one soccer tournament to another with my soccer-crazy boys! I am a fairly decent sketch artist, and I love reading, learning and wrapping my head around new things. I cherish a vibrant debate for those who dare! I have always been a bit of a tomboy myself and before my sons were born, I enjoyed cycling and have taken part in many races such as the Argus, and the 94.7 multiple times.

I am a property investor myself, buying and renovating my own properties. Having bought and sold several times already over the past 15 years in the Alberton area, I have a healthy knowledge of and respect for the property space in general and the headaches, hassels and frustrations that come with buying, selling and renting.

Thus, as a rental agent, my aim is to make this process as pleasant and user-friendly as possible for all concerned. You will quickly become comfortable in my abilities and my professional and enduring attentiveness to your needs. I strive to respond timeously to your requirements as I both value and respect the busyness of life today!

Now, that is enough about me, how can I assist you?