“The PGP exclusive mandate offers numerous benefits including complete access to the enormous expertise and experience that is available through the agency”

Manager of PGP Fourways/Dainfern branch

The exclusive mandate, ironically designed to protect the seller’s interests, remains one of the most misunderstood concepts surrounding the real estate transaction today. 

One of the most popular myths regarding the choosing of one agent is that as a seller, you may miss out on buyers. Find out why this is simply not true and more importantly, how one dedicated agent will, amongst other things, protect your price and alleviate the risk of numerous low offers. We also explain the other risks of working with multiple agents and advise you how to choose your agent and of course, how to work with them during your property transaction.

Read it here: https://blog.pamgolding.co.za/the-benefits-of-an-exclusive-mandate/

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