Whether you need help getting your home in prime shape for show day or assistance in selling or buying a new property, we’re here to help. We’ve put together snippets of advice to assist you with everything from moving house to pricing your home.

What home buyers need to know about the credit amnesty

22 October 2018

Houses that are just perfect for you, don’t come along every day - and it’s well known that searching for your dream home can almost be a full time job

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Buying property with a partner - what you need to know

22 October 2018

Buying a property with a partner is a big financial step and decision. Ensure you have all the right knowledge behind you before taking the leap.

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Should you buy or rent a home?

15 August 2018

A question which often arises is ‘should I rent or should I buy a home?’ This is obviously a very broad and potentially multifaceted question, with many factors influencing your final decision.

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How green is your home?

25 July 2018

Amid rising costs of electricity and water, a growing demand for properties with green features is seeing home buyers prepared to pay a premium for energy and resource-efficient homes.

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12 things to know about the new Sectional Title legislation

31 October 2016

The legislation governing the Sectional Title industry was updated in 2016

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