At the PGP Training Academy, we love what we do. For us, learning is an exciting journey, we believe in excellence in everything we do and we embrace opportunity where others see challenge. We are passionate about offering learning that is engaging, inspiring, thought-provoking and most of all fun.
~ Petro-Ann Beukes, Head of Group HR & Training

Education that Inspires, Nurtures and Motivates

We are dedicated to empowering our Agents through training and continued skills development delivered by our Pam Golding Training Academy. Closely aligned with business strategy, our focus on Exclusive Mandates, equips you with the skills and tools you need to approach clients with confidence. From class-room training to innovative online learning, our training is relevant, practical and focused on the skills you need to grow your business. No matter your experience or skill set our training is tailored to inspire exciting and fulfilling real estate careers that offer both personal and financial rewards.

Our Pam Golding Properties Agents and Employees have access to:

  • Webinars and Online Training: Relevant and innovative webinar and online learning, trained by subject matter experts can be accessed anywhere, at any time by agents in training. Continuously evolving to upskill and solve the real challenges you face everyday, the webinars and training videos keep you up-to-date and extremely well-informed. Depending on your level of experience, you’ll find your personal path to hone your skills.
  • Online Learning Portal: Our online learning portal includes a curated library of over 500 training videos which feature Pam Golding Properties experts covering 80+ inspiring, motivating and practical topics, available to the entire Pam Golding Property Group. Relevant webinars are also hosted on the portal, ensuring that you never have to miss out on a training opportunity.
  • An Online Onboarding Programme that ensures all new Agents and Employees have a detailed understanding of our business, how we work, what we stand for and what it means to be a PGP person.
  • We offer step-by-step Log Book Training for our Interns, with the support of an expert mentor, ensuring that they are one step closer to achieving their Full Status qualification.
  • The PGP Way – a bespoke, programme designed and developed by past and present experts to equip our new agents to begin selling (using Pam Golding Properties tried and tested best practices) immediately.
  • Training content on the fundamentals of real estate practice according to changing market conditions throughout the year, written and delivered by the PGP Academy team and other experts in the business.
  • Cutting-Edge Digital Content such as Facebook Automation, Leveraging your Facebook Profile and getting the best out of Google.
  • Coaching: Our Top Performers have access to one-on-one coaching with a leading industry expert and high-performance coach. Personal development and growth are emphasised, helping you gain awareness of your unique strengths and areas primed for development, empowering you to do your best.

Our learners are exposed to the latest ‘blended learning’ methodologies which combine face-to-face, virtual-led online training, webinars and videos – an exploding global trend that allows learners to study anywhere, anytime and at their own convenience.


Intelligent Tools and Practical Learning

Pam Golding Properties boasts an extremely successful, custom-designed and built, business intelligence tool called Alchemy. Together with ongoing support from IT, we offer comprehensive training for agents, managers and administrative staff to benefit from this incredible technology.

We also offer our agents an online library of information, unlocked from the wealth of knowledge that exists within our vast geographical footprint. This library consists of over 500 short video clipson a variety of topics.. At the PGP Academy, we recognise that the pulse of this industry is characterised by constant and exciting change and we’re here to make sure our agents remain at the forefront at all times.