Our agents are passionate professionals who encompass the brand values of empathy, knowledge, experience and integrity. By fostering these inherent characteristics, Pam Golding Properties is home to some of the most successful agents in Southern Africa, Africa and the Indian Ocean Islands.

With over 40 years’ experience in the property market, Pam Golding Properties has developed a reputation as the pre-eminent real estate agency for the discerning buyer or seller. Constant to our success in selling some of the world’s finest real estate, is the skilled combination of our proven expertise and uncompromising professionalism.

Our experienced Pam Golding real estate agents are committed to our clients and to the management of the sale, safeguarding that each of the critical steps are professionally dealt with and succinctly communicated.

As an award-winning brand, we also offer real estate careers with a generous incentive scheme for earning potential and recognition in a highly competitive industry.


What's not to love?


We treasure our real estate agents. They are the lifeblood of the company. They are highly valued individuals who possess the rare ability to empathise with their clients who are making crucial decisions about their most valuable possession, their home. Our nurturing environment promotes a strong sense of belonging and loyalty. Family values are at the core of the business and each individual is held in high-esteem.

A Pam Golding real estate agent understands the emotional highs and lows of transacting, conducts business discreetly and appreciates the associated risks and pitfalls of the process, providing comfort and peace of mind.


A GoldClub agent is one who has provided outstanding service with exceptional sales levels and professionalism true to the Pam Golding tradition. This GoldClub accolade is a mark of outstanding success, one that endows you with the respect and honour deserving of an achiever. The GoldClub incentive programme recognises exceptional exceptional performance and unwavering dedication.


An Emerald Circle Award is the most prestigious and highly sought-after Pam Golding Properties accolade, awarded annually to top earning Pam Golding real estate agents, who are richly rewarded for their outstanding achievements, with annual travel experiences to luxurious global destinations. Emerald Circle status is the ultimate mark of distinction of a truly outstanding real estate agent.


To ensure you and your business reach its full potential we’ve structured our management and support services to give you access to the highest level of leadership, management guidance and services support.

With our expertise in marketing and sales, our comprehensive marketing collateral brings our upmarket brand to life: templates for print adverts, brochures, email signatures, outdoor signage, banners, mobile marketing and social media.

We also support you with:

  • Hands-on management engagement
  • Ongoing training and coaching
  • Specialist marketing
  • Strategic guidance and expertise
  • Digital, legal, HR and IT support with access to a dedicated IT admin and support desk
  • Strategic marketing collateral profiling you as a real estate thought leader and area specialist in your community


Characteristics we look for in an agent:

  • An excellent networker with a good sphere of influence and visibility in the community where you live and work
  • Great communication skills and an effortless ability to build rapport with strangers
  • Strong ethical outlook in life, honest, open and trustworthy with a passion for people and real estate
  • Grit, determination and a willingness to invest time and effort for long-term gains
  • Someone with a zest of life and who knows how to have Fun!

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“The quality of our people is our real competitive advantage. I’m always astounded at the lengths to which they will go to put their shoulder to the wheel. It is constant to our success.”

Andrew Golding, Chief Executive