Home to one of the oldest deserts on the planet and the second largest canyon in the world; Namibia is a land of contrasts. Wedged between South Africa, Botswana, Angola, Zambia and Zimbabwe and dubbed ‘the land of big sky’, it is a country of soul. Wide expanses reaching to the horizon, heavens studded with glittering stars, free-ranging wildlife and the opportunity to experience the natural world, out of city confines.

Namibia’s unspoiled natural beauty and well-developed infrastructure, combined with the political stability and economic growth offers a unique investment opportunity to the real estate investor. The Namibian real estate market is evolving into a more mature, modern landscape where the provision of innovative, new solutions to the more sophisticated and discerning client is both needed and catered for in most instances. One of the new trends confirming this are the development of Lifestyle Estates in the residential market and turn key products for clients the in retail and commercial sectors. Farms for sale in Namibia are extremely popular as 46% of the country’s total surface area is suitable for livestock; the livestock sub-sector is the single-largest contributor to the GDP for agriculture.

At Pam Golding Properties, we offer property services, marketing of residential property for sale or to rent, including Namibian farms, lifestyle estates, retirement villages, security complexes, cluster developments, houses and apartments. View some of the houses, apartments and farms for sale in Namibia below to find out more about the type of real estate this country has to offer.

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Etosha National Park: With its distinctive chalky appearance and large pan, Etosha is one of the country’s greatest game viewing destinations. A variety of animals can be seen at the series of waterholes along the routes, especially during the drier months of the year. Herds of elephant, zebra and springbok can often be seen, as well as tawny lions lazing in the long grass.

The desert: Desert destinations are also a huge highlight for visitors to Namibia. A visit to Sossusvlei should be on everyone’s bucket-list and the Fish River Canyon is a must see geological masterpiece. The adventurous will want to take their 4x4s for many a challenging spin around the desert areas of Namibia.

Nature: Namibia’s divided into 14 vegetation zones ranging from desert and semi-desert to savannah and woodland. These vegetation zones support a wealth of flora and fauna, including numerous endemic species. Desert-adapted species reveal incredible ingenuity to survive in the desert extremes and are dependent on the coastal mist that blows in from the ocean for their moisture.

Conservation: Communities in rural areas have made a significant contribution towards the national goal of sustainable development forming ‘conservancies’, management units to manage their own resources and tourism activities. Numerous national parks and private game parks have been established to preserve the land, amongst which are the Namib-Naukluft Park, one of the largest national parks in Africa, and the proposed Namib-Skeleton Coast Park that stretches impressively from the Orange River in the south to the Kunene in the north.

Culture: It’s not only the dramatic natural vistas that get residents and visitors to this country excited, the rich ethnic diversity is something to see. From the resplendent Himba in the Kunene region, many of whom still wear traditional dress; the Herero, whose women can be seen in their distinctive Victorian-style multi-layered skirts and fabric headdresses; the Owambo; the Nama and Damara; the San to those with German, Afrikaans and European heritage. All the distinctive groups blend together in an intriguing melting pot of culture.


PGP Namibia offers specialised real estate services in the residential and commercial fields, covering sales and lettings as well as property management. PGP Namibia also offer a dedicated service for property development. The extensive exposure to prospective international clients as well as the local expertise and that of Pam Golding Hospitality creates the perfect opportunity to provide a dedicated, discreet service to the dynamic hospitality industry in Namibia which is bound to become an important component of our business.

PGP Namibia also offers a broad range of specialist and advisory services with respect to Lifestyle Estates,farms, game lodges lifestyle developments and commercial or residential property.
Pam Golding Namibia head office is situated in the financial and administrative capital of Windhoek with a newly opened branch in Swakopmund.

The growing capital city of Windhoek and coastal towns of Swakopmund and Walvis Bay are the leaders in the real estate market. All three these centers offer a wide range of real estate products covering the complete spectrum of real estate needs. Namibia’s well-established and growing tourism industry provides excellent opportunities for investment and development.
Namibia’s unspoiled natural beauty, wonderful developed infrastructure, combined with the political stability and economic growth offers a truly unique investment opportunity to the real estate investor.

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