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Local housing market buoyant despite economic slowdown

23 November 2015

Despite a sluggish local economy, the SA housing market remains surprisingly buoyant. Even as households come under financial pressure, the lending environment remains relatively favourable.

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Growing evidence of housing bubbles in major global cities

10 November 2015

House prices have soared to record highs in a number of major global cities. New research cautions that those cities at, or near, the bubble risk zone face a higher risk of a large price correction.

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Renewed investor interest supports Chinese housing market

29 October 2015

Chinese house prices rose for a fifth consecutive month in September, providing further evidence that investors are shifting their assets from the volatile stock market back into bricks and mortar.

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Foreign interest likely to moderate in months ahead

21 October 2015

While some agents report a slump in foreign buying since the new visa regulations, an FNB Survey reveals an increase in foreign buyers in the third quarter – although this is unlikely to be sustained.

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Soaring London house prices taking toll on economy

13 October 2015

Soaring house prices and rentals in London are redirecting consumer spending from other sectors of the economy, hampering employment creation and raising costs for businesses.

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