150km north of Cape Town, between Saldanha and Port Owen and within easy reach of Vredenburg, Saldanha ,Langebaan and the Western Cape Winelands, perfectly situated to use as a base for day outings to the rest of the Western Cape.

Shelley Point is fringed by three natural bays, each with its own unique qualities, from beautiful white beaches with world-class surf to one of the calmest bays on the West Coast.

With numerous different species of birds as well as seals, dolphins and whales and an abundance of other marine life - crayfish, mussel, snoek, harder and perlemoen - a paradise for fishing and diving.
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Shelley Point

Shelley Point features

  • Steakhouse, a popular restaurant renowned for food on the West Coast
  • 300 fully grown palm trees, 70 years old weighing up to 25 tons
  • Fountains built by Belgian craftsmen (largest weighing 15 tons)
  • Boardwalk access to beaches to protect sensitive ecology
  • Underground electricity and telephone lines to protect ecology. 
  • Planned small boat harbour (Rated the best location on the South African coast for a small boat harbour by CSIR).
  • Bowling Green and Tennis Courts
  • Kiddies Play Centre
  • Wellness Centre, Hotel & Spa
  • Hair Salon
  • "Cattle Baron" steakhouse

Plot Information

Sea front plots are about 20m from the high water mark. Back plots about 150m from the high water mark. Plots average size of 500 - 800 square meters and the minimum size of house is 120 square meters (excluding garage)

Height restrictions - Beach front: 5 to 6.5m and Back plots: 7 to 9m. There is no building deadline. Basic aesthetic building constraints: Dark roofs; tiles, thatch or mazista slates. White walls. Municipal services by local municipality is under supervision of Home Owners Association.

Development location

Areas near to Shelley Point

Britannia Bay,

For example Steyn City or Eden Island