The development is a modern and luxurious island-style residential retreat established under the Real Estate Scheme (RES) and is therefore open to freehold purchase by foreigners as well local Mauritians.                  

Carlos Bay overlooks the sunny village of Tamarin and offers a panoramic view over Tamarin Bay and the iconic mountains of Rempart and Trois Mamelles.

Carlos Bay brings together functionality, beauty and safety, rhyming sophisticated décor with comfort. The residence is harmoniously balanced across beautiful living spaces with a warm and welcoming atmosphere.

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Carlos Bay

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Site Plan

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Unit details


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Floor plan

Apartment type 4

204 m²

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Duplex apartment type 1

191 m²

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Duplex apartment type 2

230 m²

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Penthouse type 3

325 m²

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Penthouse type 5

221 m²

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For example Acorn Creek Estate or Mbabala Nature Reserve