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Elegance, superiority and class is what Waterkloof Golf Estate is associated with. It is a place that is called home by embassies, celebrities and government officials alike. It is linked with the best of the best and radiates quality and refinement. And to crown it all, perfectly situated - we present to you the best place to live: Waterkloof Golf Estate.

Waterkloof Golf Estate is home to resplendent and exquisite abodes. From high-class mansions to contemporary creations, to your traditional family home - Waterkloof Golf Estate has it all. The stylish residences are situated on rolling hills and boast dramatic views because of a diversity of grand architectural styles Tuscan, Georgian, Romanesque and Victorian. This is why Waterkloof Golf Estate is so popular. It possesses that rare quality of offering you exactly what you need, whether it be a bountiful and beautiful mansion or a quaint and quiet sanctuary.

Invest in Property in Waterkloof Golf Estate

Property in Waterkloof Golf Estate has always been known as a prestigious investment. The property sales in the area continue to increase each year as do the property prices. There is also a variety of property buying options. There are the large and stately mansions and alternatively, the smaller and more modest abodes in Waterkloof Golf Estate, catering to the vast market of trendy and fashionable families who wish to live in a quality environment. To further exemplify the diversity of property in Waterkloof Golf Estate, the price range of current property on the market ranges from R2 Million to around the R7 Million mark for residences, and R980 000 to R2 Million for vacant stands.

While status and prestige certainly play a large role in the appeal of this Estate, it is not the only advantage of living here. Firstly, this admired area finds itself perfectly located between two highways allowing a commute to Johannesburg to be effortless and uncomplicated.

All the comforts of a world-class Estate

A huge helping of a great family environment and a terrific sense of community, make Waterkloof Golf Estate the best place to live.

Also Waterkloof Golf Estate boasts close proximity to government offices, universities, performing arts centres, museums, private schools, shopping centres and popular entertainment venues. With all of these amenities and facilities, there is never a dull moment in the Waterkloof Golf Estate.

Furthermore, Waterkloof Golf Estate also has a certain something to it that is indescribable. There is something about the estate that just makes people fall in love with it. In this intimate community the peaceful, undulating green lanes beckon neighbours to go outside for a walk; jog, or simply to share a few moments chatting. It boasts superb natural beauty and tranquility that will transport you away from the hustle and bustle, and gently set you in a place of bliss.

The kind of peace you are looking for

There truly is not a more idyllic picture than when one sees all the happy people joyfully running, playing on the lush green grass in the sunlight, or enjoying a relaxing braai at the clubhouse or fine dining at the 5-star restaurant located on the grounds. The friendly atmosphere, the beautiful surroundings and the tranquility of it all will envelop you and refuse to let you go.

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