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When Dainfern Golf Estate and Country Club was established, it was a ground-breaking development, and set a lifestyle precedent that has been closely followed by many of the golf estates that have subsequently been founded. Being located on the north fringe of Johannesburg, the estate provides a green oasis on the edge of an urban setting.

The perfectly preened golf course forms the central feature of this exclusive 330 hectare golf estate,but it is by no means its only impressive feature. The Jukskei River dissects the Dainfern Golf Estate and Country Club, giving the estate its own unique water feature. By combining the natural layout of the land with an impeccably designed golf course, the estate designers have created a sense of harmony between humans and their surroundings.

Golf is considered one of the most relaxing pastimes in the world, and Dainfern Golf Estate and Country Club embraces this philosophy. Not only do the golfers have access to its serene atmosphere, but the residences have been built to outline the golf course, giving most of the real estate astounding views of the luscious greenery.



When Dainfern Golf Estate and Country Club was first opened, there were 1,215 empty stands available and all have been sold, attesting to the popularity of the estate.

Property for sale on the estate is available in a range of architectural styles, such as Tuscan villas and contemporary South African mansions. While each house is individually designed by the owner, there are certain guidelines that have been adhered to in order to keep the aesthetic of the estate consistent. Homes on the estate range in size from 2 bed clusters to mansions.

Residents of Dainfern Golf Estate and Country Club can take comfort in the knowledge that their Johannesburg real estate is located in a gated community and that it is a safe and secure place to raise a family.

People often walk around the estate in the evenings to enjoy the clean air and views of the river and golf course that will leave you feeling revitalised. Owning property in Johannesburg does not necessarily mean that you are bound to live in a built-up area, completely sacrificing the charms of country living. Since the estate is located on the outskirts of Johannesburg, it is possible to commute to and from work.The estate's management team is always on the lookout for ways in which to improve residents' standard of living, although that standard is already very high.

The on-site facilities are plentiful, with the intention of providing some form of entertainment for every member of a family. Apart from the superb golf course, residents can make use of the other sporting facilities such as the squash and tennis courts, cycling facilities and cricket field, all of which are free of charge.Additional recreational facilities include a clubhouse, restaurant and two communal swimming pools.

There are also up to 11 playgrounds that will provide children with hours of fun, and swimming lessons are available to children of all ages.

Although there are no shopping centres within the estate's grounds, there are a number of shops conveniently located outside the two entrances. A large variety of schools and educational facilities can be found in the surrounding area. Schools in the area include Dainfern College, a private school located at the entrance to Dainfern Golf Estate and Country Club.



Property on the estate provides a breath of fresh air on the outskirts of South Africa's largest urban metropolis. Living in the city does not mean that you have to give up the luxuries of country living. The atmosphere of Dainfern Golf Estate and Country Club is one of relaxation and community. Afternoons and evening are often spent unwinding on the gold course or socialising at the country club.

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