Pam Golding Hospitality

The core business of Pam Golding Hospitality is the facilitation of hotel, lodge and guesthouse investment  transactions, together with operator and finance procurement services, valuations and tourism research and consultancy assignments. Through our parent company Pam Golding Properties, a number of opportunities  do include mixed usage developments including condominiums, timeshare and or private residence club products. Pam Golding Hospitality has facilitated transactions with a total value of almost R7 Billion ($US 630 Million) in the Southern Africa hotel and hospitality industry.

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Hotel, Lodge and Guesthouse Investment

Pam Golding Hospitality consists of three  companies each specialising in a specific sector of the hotel and hospitality industry. Each team is able to assist with investment finance and the procurement of services through:

Pam Golding Lodges and Guesthouses is a member of Cape Town Tourism

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